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Please note that after careful consideration, Hanshi would like to make a number of changes for Students wishing to attempt a Dan Grading. He would like to stress that for Student's attempting Shodan following their 1st Kyu Grading there should be continued progression and development in terms of technique and improvement on all elements of Kihon, Kumite & Kata. Student's should always be looking to improve with their training and spirit, and be able to regularly demonstrate this in the classes with their instructors - not just be able to show it on a Grading or in a Tournament.


The waiting period for Shodan will now change from 6 months to 9-12 months, from the date they complete their 1st Kyu. 

Hanshi has the overall decision on whether a student is ready to attempt a Dan grading, particularly if a student is wishing to complete their examination after a 9 month period, as ideally both instructors and students should be aiming for 12 months minimum waiting period. This is to ensure that all students have sufficient time to complete all the Criteria listed below and more  importantly  that they are on an upward trajectory and they are improving both in technique and their attitude to training following successfully passing their 1st Kyu. It's not about staying at the same level and not pushing yourself for your grading, everyone should be training hard and making big improvements over a 12 month period. The statistics are really high for students who pass Shodan and then stop training - this is something that we would like to try and improve and work on in the clubs and with the students. So that moving forwards we don't just lose students who have trained for 4-5 years get to Black Belt and then just quit.


Dan Grading Waiting Periods & Ages:

Shodan: 9-12 months waiting period, Minimum of 10 Years of Age

Nidan: 2 Years waiting period, Minimum of 14 Years of Age

Sandan: 3 Years waiting period, Minimum of 18 Years of Age

Yondan: 4 Years waiting period

Godan: 5 Years waiting period

Rokudan: 6 Years waiting period

Nanadan: 7 Years waiting period


Dan Grading Criteria:

For those students who are attempting a   Dan   Grade the minimum   requirements   which need to be completed prior to the examination date are as follows. It is the responsibility of the Club Instructors to ensure that all students are 110% ready for their   Dan   Grading 's and for anyone who hasn't achieved the minimum requirement then they shouldn't be allowed to sit the Examination. All Karate-Ka should be able to understand and demonstrate a good knowledge of Karate Technique and Spirit, and be able to consistently perform/show this when asked.

  1. Continually train weekly (minimum of 1 lesson a week) with your club instructor for the full duration of your waiting period. Although students should be training at least 2 a week for a Dan Grading.
  2. Attend 3 SKI-GB Blue Card Courses within 12 months of you sitting the Dan Grade Examination - One of which must be the Annual SKI-GB 3 Day Summer Gasshuku.
  3. All student must know all 5 Heian Kata's and Tekki Shodan 100% and be able to perform confidently with good Spirit, Timing and Technique when asked to do so in their Grading Examination by the Chief Examiner Asano Hanshi.
  4. Perform the 4 Brown Belt Kata's Bassai, Jion, Enpi and Kanku Dai correctly with spirit and technique.
  5. Understand and perform with confidence Jiyu Kumite (Sparring) with an opponent, showing a varied knowledge of attacks and defences with spirit, zanshin and timing.
  6. Participate in at least 2 SKI-GB Tournaments prior to the grading date - This can be either individual Kata or Kumite or a Team Kata / Kumite. All students are required to do this - although Hanshi has advised that their will be allowances for students with special circumstances, however we will need to be made aware of this and the final decision will be made by Asano Hanshi.
  7. Attend a minimum of 4 SKI National or Regional Squads sessions with the National / Regional Coaches (Within 12 months of the Examination Date)

Please can all instructors share this information amongst students in their club, and ensure that the appropriate planning is in place for all students wishing to take a Dan Grade. I have attached a tick list that will assist with students and instructors keeping track of where people are with regards to their Dan Grading and they can submit this when requesting to grade.


Please do not hesitate to contact me should you have any questions.


Many thanks


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